New Leaf Construction "Best remodeling contractor on the planet"


Hi Candi and Troy,

"Best remodeling contractor on the planet!"

Even though we were here in Toronto, it was almost like we were on site every step of the way - progress photos, e-mails, and phone conversations kept us totally in the loop. When it comes to communicating with the client, I have to say that New Leaf is the best I have seen in my several decades in the construction business. The design and selection of materials phase was actually fun, even though we were here in Toronto for most of it. That Internet is a great tool!

I was really impressed with the way in which you folks prepared a construction schedule, and then kept it. Even though there were some unforeseen challenges with our 1974 house, New Leaf met every time commitment.

The quality of the finished work is first class. Your superintendent, Dave, and all of your sub-contractors are very talented, indeed. When I came down for the final inspection in June, there was virtually nothing that had to be corrected. You folks had already picked out the few minor flaws, and had already made arrangements to have them fixed.

And finally, I was very happy to see just how excited and proud you were of the finished project. And I am sure that both Candi and Troy apply this enthusiasm to each and every project that New Leaf undertakes, regardless of the size.

Looking forward to seeing both of you later this year.
Roger & Muriel P.