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Recently we had a problem with our upstairs AC unit not kicking on properly and thus creating a hot upstairs. I called you and you told me you'd have someone call me back to schedule a time to look at the problem. Well, your office did call and scheduled the service call. 


Lori met the guys at our house and I just wanted to let you know that they did a great job fixing the problem. They took the time to figure out what the issue was and ended up re-routing my drain line so it can properly drain the overfill. They did all of this for a very resonable price. We have had other of your competitors out to the house in the past for the exact same problem. They all scratched their heads in amazement at the way the original drainline was installed, but never offered up any solution to the problem. Your guys not only recognized the problem, but fixed it!


We wereimpressed and went ahead and bought a service agreement. Just wanted to take a moment to compliment you and your staff. They were courteous and professional, and most importantly, effective! All this and no pressure to upsell us on anything, what a pleasant experience.


Thanks, and please let the guys know they did a great job!


Richard W - Fort Myers

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