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Whether it's scratching in the attic, bugs in the kitchen or mysterious bug bites appearing on you and your family even when you haven't been outdoors, the signs of a pest problem can be distressing. Here in South Florida, the subtropical climate makes the area prime for many types of pests, and these bugs can wreak havoc, causing a nuisance, damaging property and causing uncomfortable symptoms in people and pets. If your home is under attack from pests and you need pest control in Fort Myers and Naples, Bonita Springs or Cape Coral, you can trust Pestmax to come to your rescue and save the day and your home from those nasty invaders.

Pestmax offers a variety of services for pest control in Fort Myers, including termite control, rodent control and bedbug elimination. Our number one concern is that we solve your pest problem, doing so in the way that is most effective and the safest for your family. That means taking the time to find the root cause of the problem and relying on our extensive training and experience to develop the best pest control solution to address it. We believe strongly that customer education is important to the success of pest control efforts, so we'll discuss the causes of your pest problem and give you tips to help you lessen the chances of having a similar problem in the future.

To offer truly the finest services for termite, rodent and bedbug control in Fort Myers, the owner and technicans at Pestmasters have undergone extensive training and continue to attend classes and seminars to stay on the cutting edge of the new technologies and methods available for eliminating pests. Some of the events we have previous intended include the North American Bed Bug Summit and conferences offered through the University of Florida, the Florida Pest Management Association and various Certified Operators Associations. Altogether, our 11 staff members have more than 100 years of combined experience in pest control, giving us the edge over all other pest control companies in Fort Myers.

Even if you've tried to have your pest control problem treated before only to be disappointed with the results, Pestmax can help. We won't stop until we're your heroes and your pest problem has been eliminated once and for all. Contact us today for more information or to obtain a free quote.

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