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Want to make your home or business more energy efficient? Is the interior of your vehicle or boat piping hot from sitting in the sun all day? Do you desire luxurious window coverings?

If any of the above interest you but don't know of a reputable window contractor to hire, you're not alone. There are so many to choose from in the sunshine state! Fortunately, we've done all the homework for you.

Beverly Hills Window Tinting & Treatments is not only licensed and insured, but they've also got a great reputation. If you need your windows covered in any fashion, these are the experts you want to be dealing with! They've been providing great service since 1991. Try them out yourself and get $25 off with a Quality Service Pros gift card.

Commercial Tint & Security Films

Have you ever been sitting near a window in an office building with the sun beating down on you? Not very pleasant is it? And no matter how much you turn down the A/C, as long as you're sitting in direct sunlight, there isn't much relief. If you manage a commercial building (i.e. school, hospital, retail center, office building, hotel, etc.) Beverly Hills Window Tinting & Treatments can ensure that the occupants stay nice and cool while lowering your energy bills. Plus you can say goodbye to blinding glare and harmful UV rays from the sun. They provide commercial window tinting in Orlando, Tampa, Fort Myers, Naples and everywhere in between. 

If you've ever been in a building or an office setting where there are lots of glass doors and walls, then you know how important having privacy is. Decorative privacy film is just what the doctor ordered. Hotel managers especially like this type of window film because it not only provides their guests with privacy, but it can also be branded with their company name and colors.

Rounding out BHWT&T's commercial services are safety & security window films. In up to 64% of burglaries, intruders gain access to the premises by smashing through exterior glass. These window films are manufactured to withstand forced entry which business owners LOVE. Some are even manufactured to withstand bullets & bomb blasts, making them very attractive to managers of schools & government buildings!

Residential Window Coverings & Tinting

Beverly Hills Window Tinting & Treatments is famous for installing window films. But were you aware that they also provide bedding and custom window treatments in Naples? It's true! In fact they stock a broad selection of blinds & shades, custom draperies & cornices, and plantation shutters from popular manufacturers like Hunter Douglas and Graber. If you've ever been in someone's home who has luxurious window coverings, then you know how much elegance it adds to a house. From honeycomb shades to drapery swags, BHWT&T's window treatment specialists can customize everything according to your good taste. They only use high quality fabrics that are built to last. If you so desire, they will even match your curtains to your furniture and/or bedding. As members of the Interior Design Society, there's no request that's too hard to handle.

Much like their commercial division, BHWT&T offers home window tinting to keep your:

  • Energy bills low
  • Furniture and carpet from fading
  • Family safe from 99% of harmful UV rays

Plus, they install the same window films for security and privacy as they do in commercial buildings. In other words, if it's in your home and it's got glass, Beverly Hills Window Tinting & Treatments covers it!

Automotive Tinting & Paint Protection

There's an old phrase that says "When in Rome, do as the Romans do." Well, this is Southwest Florida and here we all know how hot our vehicles get when parked outdoors in direct sunlight. In the summer, air conditioning and car window tinting are necessities, not luxuries! That's why clients from Sanibel, Captiva, Estero, Bonita Springs, Matlacha, Cape Coral, Immokalee, and Lehigh Acres all drive their vehicles to either the Fort Myers or Naples location of Beverly Hills Window Tinting & Treatments. They predominantly install LLumar and Vista window films to keep your car cool amidst the blazing sun. LLumar films come with a lifetime warranty so you're protected even in the unlikely event of bubbling. If you have old film that has bubbled or faded (turned purple) ask for their window tint removal services. Whether you have just one car or a whole commercial fleet of trucks in need of tint, BHWT&T is your one stop shop. Got a yacht or boat? Want it to feel as cool as it looks? They will travel to you!

And finally...have you ever bought a brand new car and...

  • Parked it under a tree?
  • Driven down a dirt road?
  • Swerved to avoid hitting a tire tread in the middle of the road?
  • Driven in Southwest Florida during the height of Love-Bug season?

One year later the paint is chipped and fading and you're understandably ticked off! Gives a whole new meaning to the term frustration doesn't it? Tree sap, bird droppings, pebbles, road debris, and bugs all take their toll on your vehicle, especially the front end. That's why Beverly Hills Window Tinting & Treatments installs Clear Bra paint protection film to prolong the attractiveness of your new car.

Ready to protect your home, business, or vehicle from the sun?

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