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Did you experience a fire or flood? Your project might require reconstruction or just some degree of cleaning restoration, either way it is important to realize that smoke and fire problems do not stop with char damage.

Smoke and soot can travel and penetrate into other rooms affecting paint, carpet, upholstery, drapes, clothing and possible your precious family belongings.  

Fires are classified into two groups, simple and complex - Simple fires are fueled by pure fuels, like wood, and generally result in complete combustion and easy cleanups.

Complex -  fuels, the most common house fire, are fueled by synthetic materials in carpets, furniture, toys, wiring, etc. and generally result in incomplete combustion and the production of soots and acid deposits.

Whether you experienced a big fire or a little stove top accident, a massive flood or an un attended overflowing toilet.

There is help! let one of our Fort Myers and Naples Water Damage experts help you with that.