Ron's Painting Is Going Green!


Ahhh! the perks of living in Fort Myers and Sanibel Island Florida by the water...beach views, the breeze...except for that pesky algae and fungal growth, it seems impossible to get rid of; not only that, it breaks down your beautiful paint!

Using NeverFade will protect your property against unwanted algae and fungal growth better than any product on the market. So enjoy the extra free time-here's to no more maintenance!

Ron's Painting-Fort Myers is the only painting contractor in the state of Florida certified to apply NeverFade paint. Ron's Painting has already painted the exterior of a home on Sanibel with the NeverFade paint.

Yes, that's right you can skip the never-ending maintenance and "GO Green"! NeverFade is professionally applied like other exterior paint, only without releasing harmful emissions into the environment.

With NeverFade, everyone can do their part to help the environment!

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