Naples Window Film Company Helps Promote National Window Film Day


A local window tinting company successfully spearheaded an effort to spread awareness of the benefits of window films and proclaim April 30th as National Window Film Day, with Mayor Bill Barnett’s approval.

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(NAPLES, FL – April 20, 2017) According to the International Window Film Association (IWFA), up to 75% of dangerous UV rays may be coming straight through the windows of an owner’s home or business.

The IWFA, a nonprofit group of leading manufacturers, distributors, and dealers, is trying to help consumers understand this and how it might be prevented by spreading awareness of National Window Film Day (April 30, 2017) and the many benefits of window film. 

“National Window Film Day provides a valuable opportunity for families, homeowners, drivers, anyone, to learn about the benefits of this affordable and environmentally friendly improvement,” said Jack Mundy, President of the IWFA. “By blocking up to 99 percent of UV rays, window film offers benefits that apply to our health, energy use, and overall well being. We are proud to consistently support National Window Film Day and encourage consumers to participate, as well.”

BHWT&T at Naples City Hall
Paul Russo tinting windows inside Naples City Hall
Paul Russo tinting windows inside Naples City Hall
2017 National Window Film Day Proclamation Naples, FL

For the third consecutive year, Beverly Hills Window Tinting & Treatments (BHWT&T) has helped spread awareness about the health benefits of window films in Southwest Florida. In 2015 and 2016, the company successfully spearheaded an effort to get Mayor Randy Henderson to proclaim April 30th National Window Film Day in the City of Fort Myers. This year, Mayor Bill Barnett has proclaimed the same for Naples, FL.

“Last year the city hired us to install Vista 18 window films on the entire west side of the first floor and two windows on the east side of Naples City Hall,” shared Paul Russo, lead installer at BHWT&T’s Naples location. “Since its installation, feedback from city hall employees has been very positive,” he added. ""From skin protection, reducing our carbon footprint, and reductions in heating & cooling bills, we’re hoping to introduce people to window film as a non-intrusive, reliable fix. Thanks to the City of Naples and Mayor Barnett for helping us spread the word!"

The IWFA represents leading makers of window film, and the association’s membership includes over 500 distributors, dealers, and installers of window film.

“Once installed, window film can save a homeowner approximately five to 10 percent on a home’s total energy bill,” added Darrell Smith, Executive Director of the IWFA. “With pricing ranging from just approximately $4 to $11 per square foot, window film can deliver seven times the energy savings benefits per dollar spent compared with full window replacement,” he added.

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