Eight People Arrested In Multi-Jurisdictional Sting

Press Release: Sting Operation in Cape Coral

Date: April 30, 2008


On Tuesday, April 29, 2008 and Wednesday, April 30, the Cape Coral Police Department worked in conjunction with several agencies to arrest eight people for trying to do contracting work without a license. The CCPD, Cape Coral Licensing Investigator Randy Bell, Investigation Specialist Sharlene Slosar of the State Department of Business and Professional Regulation (DBPR), the Electronic Surveillance unit with the Lee County Sheriff's office took part in the "unlicensed contractor sting operation." The suspects are listed below. Seven were arrested on misdemeanor charges, and one suspect-being a repeat offender-was arrested on a felony charge.


  • Robert Beliveau - dba "Bob's Home Repair"
  • Rui Ribetro - dba "Hubby For Hire"
  • Linas Liaukus - dba "A & L Tile"
  • Philip Lemke - dba - "Able Affordable"
  • Dennis Weaver - dba "Home Repair & Maintenance"
  • James Gruber - dba "First Home Maintenance"
  • William Scarelli - dba "Bill's Handyman Service"
  • Allan Fowlds (felony arrest) - dba "Absolute Dock & Seawall"

Each suspect made an appointment with authorities to give a proposal for repairs, including such things as installing boat docks, repairing seawalls, tiling, painting, installing light fixtures and more. The suspects were not registered with either Cape Coral or Lee County, and they did not have a state issued contractor's license. 

Most had only a Cape Coral or Lee County business tax receipt, formerly known as an occupational license for property maintenance (AKA"Handyman"), which doesn't license them to contract for the work listed above. After providing a written or verbal estimate to authorities, the suspects were stopped and issued arrests. (Below are photos taken from the sting operation.)

To verify that a contractor is properly licensed, citizens can call the City of Cape Coral Licensing Division at 574-0430 or the State Department of Business and Professional Regulation at 239-338-2373. Keep in mind, when hiring a person to work on your home or property, always check whether the person providing the work has a proper license.

For further information, please contact police spokesperson Dyan Lee at dlee@capecoral.net.

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