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Keith Ruebeling took some risks to keep his business steady through the downturn, and his changes are paying off.

Ruebeling, president of Larue Pest Management, restructured the company's services and cut prices. He promoted its lawn and shrub care services and added irrigation maintenance services in 2008 -- programs that have become popular with his clients.

"People are always looking for ways to, one, combine their services, and, two, get more bang for their dollars," he said.

Giving customers bundled packages for a blend of services has helped the company pick up more sales in one sector even though sales dropped off in others, he said.

A large slice of Larue's pest clients came from builders providing pre-construction termite services and selling and installing automatic mosquito misting systems, in the $5,000 to $6,000 range for top-dollar homes.

As sales in that sector slowed, gross revenues dropped by about 3 percent year-to-date, but new service bundles for termite and pest control saw a 25 percent increase in sales for that sector more than making up for the 3 percent gross revenue loss, Keith said.

The company has shown a small growth with year-to-date revenues reaching $1,105,693 compared to $1,104,243 for the same period a year ago.

"I'm ready for some real growth, but we are pretty optimistic for the next quarter," Ruebeling said.
He said offering bundled termite and quarterly pest control treatments for under $1,000 a year for the first year, has helped draw new clients and boost sales.

Depending on how customers choose to bundle their services, other pest treatments such as rodent control, which is usually a onetime service, can also be part of the package.

Michael Leonard, 48, has stuck with Larue for 10 years, starting off with pest service and adding on lawn maintenance and irrigation service over the years for his Fort Myers home.
The staff's attention to detail and quick response regarding his lawn care and irrigation system particularly impressed him.

"I had just received a letter from them the other day that the water coverage by my sprinkler was not correct and resulted in a dry area in the lawn," Leonard said. "That's not something I would have noticed right away."

Larue has also reorganized its marketing dollars, focusing on web-based advertising instead, and has a loyal staff with a low turnover has kept the 32-year-old company solid.

"It's a pretty good feeling," he said. "You maintain your business through these tough times, and you feel better."

Keith shares some tips for business success

• Getting involved with your state or national industry associations is important.

• Listen to your customers.

• Bottom line is do what you say you’re going to do –– be reliable.

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