Workers Comp Issues

If you suspect a company of not having workers comp in the Southwest Florida area, don’t hesitate to call the Workers Comp inspectors below.

Many times people call code enforcement on companies and nothing happens.

That is because code enforcement can only check to see if permits were needed and if so, were the permits issued.

You need to call one of the individuals below to get results.

You can remain anonymous and the investigators cannot call you back unless you ask them to.

Southwest Florida’s Workers Compensation Fraud Contact list

  • Jack - 239-633-3710 
  • Leida - 239-633-9723
  • Salma - 239-633-4168 
  • Carol – Supervisor – 239-461-4077

We hope you will find these contacts useful and THANK YOU! for helping us on our quest to eliminate all unlicensed and un-insured contractors. 

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